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Graze box 1

posted by Bex


Have been seeing graze advertised for awhile now and I finally applied for one online the other day and it turned up today :D
And I am soo happy i got it, I chose the nibbles box and it was sooo good.
Its so simple to order and is soo worth it, the box comes with 4 yummy snacks. The snacks are a bit of a surprise but they are what you rate online, and you get something different each time.
I only rated a few things as I didn't want random things that I don't like in my first box.
I got bakewell tart a mixture of cherry, sultanas and pecan nuts.
Banoffee which is banana coins, toffee pieces, almonds & pecans
Apple and cinnamon flapjack :D
And finally mississippi BBQ pistachios.
Not only are the snacks great but the boxes are really cute and everythings recyclable.
I wasnt going to get anymore but i really can't wait to get my next one and try more things there that good :)


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