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Now panic and freak out!

posted by Bex

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So I've been absent from posting for a little while now and I'm really sorry, there's no excuse except from the fact that I have uni interviews coming up.
Hence the panic and freak out, so before Xmas I had to send off my application and I got replies almost instantly so now i have 2 interviews all set up :/
For these I need a nice fancy portfolio which shows of my talents for the 24th of this month ppph, that's not gonna happen. This is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do, for a few reasons
• Choosing what to put in, one of the hardest parts have almost pulled my hair out trying to find the best stuff.
• How to show a whole project in 4 pages.
• Photocopying, is never any body's best friend it's a pain in the ass!
• How to turn fashion design work into costume design :/
• What illustration work to use, historical drawings or college stuff
• Front page or no front page
• Finally showing off all of my work not just photographs I like.
Between photocopying things and then having to repaint things and trying to work out what to put in and how to make it look like me :/ with all of this stuff going through my mind I've not had any time to post.
My latest blogging brainwave at the moment is to post a few pages of sketchbook and portfolio work each day this way I will hopefully get my posts up & get some feedback.
So stay tuned and please don't get too bored!!

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