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Apple of my eye...

posted by Bex


...... When i went shopping the other day i spotted this cute little jewellary stall, in our high street, full of all sorts of different things. Out of all the sparkles and shimmering jewellary the thing that caught my eye was an apple pendant, simple and rather plain in comparison to the glitter. For some reason it just stood out and shouted "Buy me", but i ignored its shouts and pleas and went home empty handed. Every so often i kept thinking about it and thought that it would be gone when i went back.

 But alas a few days ago whn i went shopping it was still there :) it was fate lol i just cudn't resist it and bought it straight away no if's or but's. After a little googling i found that this necklace was originally from topshop :)
 As i was going i spotted a ring that looked like st pauls it's amazing i just hope its still there when i go shopping on friday :) fingers crossed. 


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