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Belated sunday summary

posted by Bex

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For the past week i've been watching my page views grow into little mountains and i know it sounds vain but i love it :)
I was quite annoyed that i've not posted this weekend i had it all planned out 60's and shopping post for sat and a sunday summary and thn start the week again on monday. But i've not managed any of tht :(
so im gonna catch up a little today with 2 posts maybe 3 if i can find tht much to tlk abt.

On sat night instead of going all out halloween (which i wanted to do) i went back to the 60's :) it was a pretty good night and everyone made an effort to get dressed up, including me. I didn't think i would take it so seriously but i did try and go all out without spending too much money.

My answer was charity shops, primark and my wardrobe.

I finally managed to get an okay pic of my glass lantern in action, it still doesn't show it off well but its the best i could get from my phone. Our collection is slowly growing as everyone wants to make 1 and they are so easy to make and look fab on a cold night.

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