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Tuesday Finally!

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So its finally tuesday! YAY!!
Why am i so excited?? Well theres only one answer and that is because tuesday is the vampire diaries day :)
I kno i shouldn't be so excited for a tv show or wish my week away for 1 hour of vampire awesomeness but i cant help it. Any of you out there will understand what i'm going on abt.

image from fanpop

The first time i watched this show i was hooked and have been ever since, in my opinion its better than twilight. The storyline is fuller and has more twists in it, its not the standard girl meets boy girl falls for boy & boy turns out to be a vampire kinda thing. The characters are easier too put up with especially for starters the main girl character doesn't look like shes always in pain and can't bare to look at anyone and nobody has an annoying ott texas accent. The vampires are not pale white and sparkle in the sunlight there more like everyday people which happen to feed on blood and are super fast. And the playlist always seems to be amazing and match the mood of the episode which i guess its kinda ment to but they do have some amazing songs on there. Also atm im loving the little twist in the storyline which without giving too much away to them people who haven't watched it yet but the pic below will give you a clue.
image from fanpop

Now that i have got totally sidetracked on a non fashion related subject, and have told u most of my views on this subject other than the fact tht damon salvatore is 1 hot vampire, im gonna move on quickly.
*I just found this link on ITV's facebook page 10 reasons to watch the vampire diaries*

The vampire diaries is not the onli show that seems to air on a tuesday theres also good old
How I Met Your Mother and the new series of Two And A Half Men which im realli liking.
Another reason i love tuesdays is because its two for two tuesdays at dominos the onli place to ever get pizza from. And for the first time in ages we actually have enuf money to get 1 :) i can't wait.

One of our pizzas with 3 leaflets on now i like pizza but not tht much..

In my opinion tuseday is a pretty damn good day and if anyone agrees with me or has any other reasons to add go ahead and comment below i'd love to know what days ur favourite and wht u like about them.
Have fun!! Bex xx

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