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Thank God Its Tuesday!

posted by Bex

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It's finally Tuesday and I'm soo glad I've been waiting all week for today, and it's gone by too quickly :(
Each week is the same I just end up wishing the days away till it's Tuesday again :) Most of u probably already kno tht Tuesday's are my fav days of the week lol. Why? Well my strange obsession with the vampire diaries are the reason for this love of tuesdays, oh and that new episodes of two and a half men, how I met your mother and 90210 get posted online.
This Tuesday was the same as any other the vampire diaries and chocolate, :) oh with the added bonus of seeing In Time at the cinema before hand. If you have not been to see this then I highly recommend u go see it asap it's soo good. My new episodes will have to wait till tomorro I didn't get to squeeze them in today.
Another Tuesday well spent :) and am already counting down the days till the next one.
x Bex x

Btw sorry for any bad typos or text speak I'm using my iPhone as my laptops died :(

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