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Beads beads beads...

posted by Bex

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The end of a college project is always stressful, there's so much work to get done and stuff to actually finish. Deadlines are the things I hate the most I go into stress overload especially on the day :(
Atm we have 2 weeks before this dreaded day and already the stress and nerves are kicking in. So our semi major project is called the couture project and requires us to create, a corset inspired by a couture designer, a sketch book, and 2 mounted textile techniques.

This is the one I'm stressing about the most as it's gotta be good (so I won't bother telling u about our other project) and the standard is high. As it's couture I thought beads were very much in order, I'm starting to hate this decision. I have beaded for a grand estimated total of around 20+ hours it's difficult to tell as I never time myself. This time has been spent beading various different samples and pictures for my sketchbook along with one of my mounted techniques. And finally my final corset :o which is hopefully going to have a ribcage beaded onto it in the style of a rococo wall panel, sounds very complex but whn I post pics of it and my sketchbook (fingers crossed) u will kno wht I'm going on about.

So my designer is givenchy and one dress in particular, it's a figure hugging, sheer crystal covered piece of art. The thing that I love about it most, isn't that it's just a beautiful garment, it's the attention to detail (after all it is couture) and the inspiration behind it.
It was inspired by an artist whose obsessions were religion and the human anatomy (where the ribcage idea is from). It's gotta look good!!

Soo I think I've babbled way too much well it looks alot on my tiny iPhone screen, but at least it's helping to take my mind off of beading atm it's stuck going "must finish beading" "need to bead" hopefully it will shut up and let me sleep.
Again sorry for the annoying/boring post and for any spelling or txt speak
X Bex x

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