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Thank god for tuesday!

posted by Bex

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Lately the only time i seem to post is on a tuesday, i don't kno why  no i know why its cos tuesdays are so amazing.
Today was the same as any other 4 and a half hours of college spent sitting around doing nothing, today with the addition of a mini photoshoot which was pretty fun :) cant wait to share the pics.
Our photoshoot was basically so we have professional quality photos for our portfolios, being college it was never gonna be amazing, but i cant wait to see the pics :). My skeleton hat which is my embellishment for my hat took me sooo many hours to finish, and in my opinion it was worth every second.

As i've not got the college pics yet we will have to make do with the quick shots i took of my little sister wearing it.

Now its time for I'm a Celeb and thn The vampire diaries straight after and i can not wait for it, i swear i get too excited.
x Bex x

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