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Glass lanterns

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So i thought it was about time i posted something other than nails and here we are....sitting around all day feeling ill and watching daytime tv finally payed off, whilst watching the alan titchmarsh show a nice 5min D.I.Y piece came on featuring 2 really quick and easy autumn makes. The first one (and my favourite) was a little tea light holder made out of an old jam jar covered in autumn leaves and tissue paper. I knew straight away that this was something i wanted to make and it looked soo easy. After hunting around in the kitchen and the recycling bin for any empty glass that we could attack with PVA and tissue paper, to create the wonderful pieces of art. Instead of using autumn leaves which needed to be collected and pressed i used feathers which in my view look prettier.  

Things you will need

. Old jar . PVA glue . Paintbrush . Feathers or leaves .  Tissue paper torn into pieces .

 What to do
  • Once you have your glass jars is clean them and remove all labels if you haven't already done so. 
  • Its better to do this in sections so coat part of the jar in PVA glue and lay the feather or leaf onto it.
  • Make your way round the jar glueing sections & laying on your feathers or leaves, don't forget the bottom!!
  • When your happy with it carefully paint the fathers with glue & cover with a piece of tissue paper.
  • Continue to do this all the way around the jar until the whole thing is covered including the base.
  • Finally coat the whole thing in a layer of glue turn upside down and leave to dry.
  • Voila a pretty little lantern perfect for a night of relaxing.

Hope you enjoyed this little D.I.Y please go easy on me its the 1st ever one i've wrote. If you have a go at this please feel free to send me any pics i'd love to see your creations :)


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